About me


I live on Kungsholmen in Stockholm, Sweden. Happily married and father of four children. Spend as much time as I can with the family. The young ones are keeping the old father in shape with Ice skating, soccer practices, tennis and now that I am coach, basketball of course.

I admire entrepreneurship and I like to help start companies. Innovation is closest to my technical background, but am getting heavily involved in raising capital and the growing business. Currently the focus is 100% on Qrodo, a startup company I have co-founded. Exiting times, taking it from a early innovation to a great business, ”Marknadsetablering” as we would say it in Sweden.

I have some pet projects that gets way too little attention and time: and

I have spent time recently applying for EU and government research grants. Got taste for research again. Semantic web and Distributed Knowledge systems are areas I would like to explore more.


My Info


Kenneth Pernyér


Stockholm, Sweden

Other places I call home

Björnrike, Härjedalen
Årsta Havsbad, Haninge
Santa Cruz, California
Acapulco, Mexico
Montauroux, France

Computer Scientist

My Favorites


Rock en Espanol,
Teenage Nostalgica,
USA Nostalgica

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The Pernyér family coat of arms. Designed by V.A. Sagerlund 2005.

I am now a basketball coach for Polisen Basket boys 2004/2005.

Qrodo is a live sports broadcasting solution. I am one of the founders of the company.